Autumn are pleased to offer finance on our boilers!

Why not check if you're eligible?

Why service your boiler?

Boiler breakdowns can be frustrating.  There is never a convenient time to be without heating or hot water.

Many people put of having their boiler serviced or simply forget all about it.

Regular servicing is important and doesn't have to cost a fortune.  Our basic service package only costs £45 + vat, not a lot for all of that peace of mind.

Once you've had a service with us, you really can forget about it.  Our friendly service  staff will contact you every year when your service is due to book your appointment - Simple!


If you are the landlord of a tenanted property then you have a legal responsibility to make sure that your tenants are safe.  You can read about your gas safety responsibilities here.

Here at Autumn we will carry out a thorough inspection of gas appliances and boilers in your rented properties and provide you with all of the necessary paperwork to give you and your tenant peace of mind.  Please call us for a quote.